NedaLibya Field Day


Our Annual Field Day is scheduled to take place around harvest time at the NedaLibya Demonstration Field, allowing for a close-up view of the latest HZPC-varieties, the Dacom Agri Yield Management System, and Grimme Machinery & Technology. Whether you grow potatoes or other crops, whether you are distributor or otherwise professionally active in the potato value chain or in agriculture/agrotechnology in general, you are most welcome at our Annual Field Day. A special invitation goes out to students, next generation's professionals.


HZPC's latest varieties

During our Field Day specific attention will be paid to various new HZPC-varieties. As the Libyan market is at a new turning point towards it's future, expectations are that the Libyan consumer will be looking for ever more variety. Why eat only Spunta, when there is a whole array out there of different flavours, textures and aromas to be experienced? A factor undoubtedly of interest to innovative farmers with an eye for opportunity, keen to anticipate the versatile wishes of their customers.

By growing different varieties farmers can spread their harvest times, resulting in a more continuous and varied supply of fresh potatoes for the local market. In this way they stand more chance of obtaining better market prices for their product. And let's not forget that Libyan export is on the rise, and the Libyan processing industry for the production of French fries and crisps is steadily developing. This makes it increasingly interesting for farmers to introduce more variety into their potato crop.


Dacom's Agri Yield Management System

During our Field Day the Agri Yield Management System will be introduced. This integrated system for profitable and sustainable agriculture enables effective control of diseases and insects, as well as irrigation and fertilisation management. The Dacom system has proven in practice that yields can be improved and costs lowered, while at the same time impact on the environment and water wastage can be lessened. An explanation will be given of how the Agri Yield system works and how these benefits can be achieved.


Grimme Machinery & Technology

With Libya's local market making a fresh start, and opportunities for export and processing on the rise, now is the best time for growers to start mechanising their potato cultivation. The advantages of mechanisation are numerous. Good soil preparation, sufficient hilling and exact planting not only boost yields, they also give more control over the growing process as a whole. This makes for a more regular crop and more efficient harvesting, enabling growers to deliver the quality desired by the market. Being able to rely on their machinery also makes growers less dependant on the availability and fluctuating prices of labour.