Expand your possibilities in the Libyan potato market
Products that fit your needs
maximise yields
Maximise your potato yields
Growing potatoes is the coming together of many factors: high quality starting material combined with the right techniques, agri inputs & knowledge. NedaLibya gladly shares its expertise to maximise your yields.
grow retail processing export
Grow for retail, processing & export
Be part of new developments & decrease dependability on Spunta prices at the same time by expanding into new sectors such as retail, French fries, chips or export.
Start mechanisation & professional storage
Mechanising your production process will increase yields and bring additional benefits such as higher efficiency & quality, just as professionalised storage will open windows for the local market as well as export.
what customers think about our products
Ahmed Ziyani
"Last season I grew Challenger and Asterix for French fries production: they brought very satisfactory yields. I can also heartily recommend Panamera; it has a strong resistance against phytophtora and fantastic production."
Mohamed Sultan
"I have used other planters before, but the efficiency & simplicity of the Grimme GL32 E have really impressed me. It makes planting a lot easier.”
Abdulhamid Aljawadi
"Now that I have seen the loading of this year's seed potatoes for Libya with my own eyes, I honestly feel very confident. The Libyan inspectors have made a thorough check. I can say this year's potatoes are excellent, and fully comply with both the Libyan and Dutch standards. I hope this season will be succesful for everyone, good luck to all!"


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